About PEEP

“We rise by lifting others.” Robert Ingersoll

The Pride Entrepreneur Education Program (PEEP) is a dynamic nonprofit organization in Charlotte, North Carolina with the purpose of helping create “brighter futures” for our youth.

PEEP partners with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, parents, churches and other community organizations to identify African American youth who have demonstrated a skill, talent or interest in becoming an entrepreneur or achieving the mindset of an entrepreneur. PEEP’s mentoring program pairs these youth with skilled workers or career professionals in order to pass on valuable expertise and knowledge. Collaborations with local and regional colleges and universities will maximize the educational process so that students can recognize their full potential.

Our Mission

To help eliminate future socio-economic disparities in the African American community by promoting education, vocational skills and entrepreneurship among youths ages 10 to 25 years.

Our Goals

To award scholarships, making it financially possible for African American youth to pursue education and training that would allow them to improve their lives.

To tout the abilities, artistic and otherwise, that many African Americans possess that would allow them to become valuable employees, entrepreneurs and leaders in our community.

To dramatically increase pathways to self-sufficiency and access to jobs for African Americans in Charlotte.