PEEP Career Mentoring & Financial Literacy Program

Middle and high school students with career or entrepreneurial goals in mind come together in a classroom environment with mentors already successful in their fields . Mentors pass on valuable skills and insight. Mentors provide valuable information and share first-hand knowledge as it relates to their business and/or skill set. Entrepreneurs and skilled professionals serving as mentors  demonstrate how they achieved success in their respective fields and encourage mentees to do the same.


The program also presents a targeted focus on financial literacy, providing students with basic budgeting techniques, spending, saving and investing and the decision-making process to a successful financial future. This is a three session program where students are given the tools needed and assigned a team project that relates to handling financial responsibility such as buying a home or car, managing credit, investing and determining wants vs. needs.

How You Can Help!

Professionals and Entrepreneurs:

We know some young people that know where they would eventually like to be. Help us show them how to get there! Consider becoming a PEEP Career Mentor! Your involvement can be as simple as a one-time, one-hour in-class commitment, or ongoing. Most of our career mentors begin with a one-time commitment, but come back each year to impact students through their valuable experience and insights.

The benefits of mentoring go both ways. Often adult mentors report that their mentoring experiences have improved their lives in tangible ways. Not only do they feel better about themselves for playing a positive role in a young person’s life, but they also find that mentoring teaches them more about themselves.

Many mentors reported that mentoring a young person increased their sense of responsibility and accomplishment. In fact, in a national survey of adults who mentored young people, 83 percent indicated that they learned or gained something personally from their mentoring experience. They reported feeling that they had become a better person, developed more patience, developed new friendships, felt more effective and acquired new skills. Also, mentoring provides networking opportunities and gives you and your company the opportunity to give back.



If you would like PEEP to bring career mentors or financial literacy programming to your classroom or organization please complete our simple request form, or write to

The PEEP Career Mentoring and Financial Literacy Program is sponsored by

Bank of America.